XPAND 3D Technology is World renowned for its Quality. XPAND is the right choice if you are looking for expanding your cinema or multiplex to be ready for crisp and immaculate 3D. XPAND 3D Cinema System is a flexible, cost-effective solution and doesn’t require silver screen.

XPAND 3D is a trusted 3D partner for premium cinema and film industry events like Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. At XPAND 3D we take great pride in being recognized as Quality Leaders in 3D by the greatest organizations in Cinema industry.

On top of that all XPAND’s Products are HFR Ready!

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New X-Pand passive system

Having established a high quality product line for Active 3D Experience, XPAND also offers 3D Polarization Modulator for Passive 3D Cinema Solutions.

To complete the Passive 3D Cinema Solution XPAND presents Passive 3D Glasses: stylish, light and in two sizes to fit all the moviegoers.

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